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If You Want It, Get It

Real estate is not quite a commodity.

By that I mean you can’t go to the store and get another one any time you want. Each piece of property is unique. It can be available for weeks or months, and then one day it is gone.

During the time it is available, and remains available, it is human nature to think it will always be available. Then one day, someone buys it, and suddenly it is no longer available.

Like the country musician Roy Clark might have said, you can’t do it again. You might get something similar, but once it has been sold, for all practical purposes it is gone.

If you see it, and if you want it, you should get it.

While you still can.


Thanks for reading this far, that means you are seriously interested. As more people see this, they will realize it is an opportunity for anyone to own good quality land. Please help me make this offer better known by sending an email to people you know, telling them about my web site:

If any of them decide to own a parcel, I will send you a referral finder fee of $250.


The parcels are all available for no money down. However, making a down payment as an initial investment will result in a lower monthly investment amount. In addition, with a down payment, you get a discount. If you prefer to make a down payment:

with $ 500 down your interest rate is discounted by 1%

with $1,000 down you get a 3% (three percent) discount on the principal amount

with $2,000 down you get a 6% (six percent) discount on the principal amount

with 50% down you get an 8% (eight percent) discount on the principal amount


Any comments or suggestions you might have about this web site are welcome. If you don't see what you are looking for, or if you want to discuss special terms, please call or email me about it. You will find me easy to work with.

or call Mike at 818-240-7391



1. There is a limited supply: No more is being made (except perhaps via volcanic lava flow in Hawaii!)

2. It cannot burn down, receive graffiti, there are no renter problems, little if any maintenance, low taxes. As they say, "No Tenants, No Toilets, No Termites".

3. It can be shown on your financial statement, any payments you are making will not show on your credit report or count against you for any loan application.

4. Land is the perfect inflation hedge, your equity builds quickly, the increase in value over time is not a taxable event.

5. Most people do not own real estate, especially So Calif real estate.

6. It can be sold upon your retirement, it can't be raided, confiscated by the government, or misinvested like corporate retirement plans.

7. It reduces your future dependence on Social Security.

8. Humans have a primal urge to control territory, land is always in demand.

9. Land represents a start toward financial independence.

10. Each piece of land is unique, and has only one owner.

11. Land will make you feel and actually be more secure. Your not-so-friendly bank can't unilaterally decide to take a percentage of it due to a "crisis". There is no income tax event until you sell it. And well selected land will build equity somewhat faster than 0.10% annually.

12. Whether you own one land parcel or many, long term economic forces (population growth, need for more housing, inflation, and the natural desire of each person to improve their own financial position) will be working in your favor.

13. People who own real estate have more confidence than people who don't own real estate. Land is today's "money in the bank", a phrase that no longer means what it once meant.

14. Years from now most people will have spent $200-$300 a month or more for entertainment and have nothing to show for it, but if you invest in land now you'll have a piece of property free and clear.

15. Own real estate. It will empower and build on your past, make progress for the present, and provide hope for the future.

What will the monthly investment be?

For each $1,000 financed, the monthly investment will be:

At 7% for 4 years: $23.95
At 8% for 5 years: $20.28
At 9% for 6 years: $18.03

(With a $500 down payment or more, the interest rate would be reduced 1%)

So if the amount financed is, for example, $9,000 at 8% for 5 years, the monthly investment would be nine (since $9,000 is financed) times $20.28, or $182.52. If you "double up" in any month, there will be zero interest for that month. Your entire monthly investment will go to principal reduction. Also, if you want your own individualized financing plan, just tell me about it, I will probably say "OK".

It’s true this vacant land for sale by owner (abbreviated "fsbo") is low priced. But don’t think of it as cheap land. It’s usable land to buy now to help secure your future. It’s different than the “land for cheap” offered by others that is “out in the middle of nowhere”. You are dealing with an individual fsbo, not some land sale company. You could do an MLS online search to find an MLS listing. You will find their land prices are higher, the transaction costs are higher, and they won't accept "no money down".

Don't risk bidding at land auctions where you have no idea who you are bidding against, or even if there really is someone else bidding. Here, what you see is what you get. You don't want to "buy cheap land", you want to buy good land cheap! Ask me for the aerial photo link, and for maps, to any of these parcels and see that you CAN own land, usable land, that will hold its value and appreciate over time.

Feel free to write or call any time, I would be glad to hear from you.

or call Mike at 818-240-7391


I get this question a lot. How many square feet are there in one acre of land? The answer is 43,560 square feet. The following rectangular parcels would all contain one acre of land:

660 feet long by 66 feet wide; or
330 feet long by 132 feet wide; or
264 feet long by 165 feet wide: or
a square parcel with 208.71 feet on each side

Feel free to email me if you have area-related questions regarding acres or square feet.


I hesitate to make a list Of all the bargain land I've missed.
Good parcels that were in my grip- I watched them through my fingers slip:
The acreage that I should have bought Was lost because I over thought...
And while I thought things over twice Another grabbed it at the price.

It seems I always hesitate, Then make up my mind much too late.
A very cautious one am I And that is why I never buy...
A corner here, two acres there, Compounding values year by year,
I chose to think and as I thought, They bought the land I should have bought.

The golden chances I had then Are lost and will not come again.
Today I cannot be enticed For everything's so overpriced.
The lots of yesteryear are dead: The market's soft-and so's my head.

Last night I had a fearful dream I know I wakened with a scream:
Some men approached me in my bed- For trinkets on the barrel head
(In dollar bills worth twenty-four And nothing less and nothing more)
They'd sell Manhattan Isle to me, The most I'd go was twenty-three
Those men scowled: "Not on a bet!" And sold to Peter Minuit.

At times a tear drop drowns my eye For deals I had but did not buy:
And now life's saddest words I pen ... "If only I'd invested then!"

Farm and Land Realtor Magazine
October 1917
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